Integrated shopping center aplications

Futurum Solutions sets a new global standard in the shopping center industry. In an integrated system for sales and visitor reports, retailers report their sales figures and visitor statistics are calculated with great accuracy. At the click of a button the key figures are visualized in easy-to-understand reports or plotted on a master plan of your shopping center. Leaving you more time to focus on whats important.

Futurum Solutions is web-based application and has been customized for the shopping center business. For users it offers an important basis for making decisions, simplifies day-to-day tasks and leaves you time to work strategically with key figures. Sales, customer statistics and key rental figures are gathered in one system, from one supplier; you receive one bill and you get one support function.

And you avoid expensive installation costs because Futurum Solutions is web-based. You can work off-site and always have access to support when you need it. If you work with multiple shoping centers you can simply compare their performance as all information is gathered in the same application.

Breathe easy.